Jan 4 2010

Eine Party bei der Klipps…

Da wir in rasendem Tempo in Sydney gestrandet sind und ich zu faul bin, die aktuellen Bilder zu bearbeiten, gibt’s mal wieder einen Rückblick.

Es ist gerade Juni und Manja kam mit ihrem Flieger direkt aus Düüütschland zu uns gedüst. In Karos House of Happiness war wieder eine Party angesagt. Eleonore, eine Französin, verabschiedete sich gerade aus Australien. Na, wenn das kein Grund zum Feiern ist! Hier sieht man sie mit ihrem französischen Mr. Lover Lover Romain auf der Couch sitzen. Hach, Franzosen…


Zur Feier des Tages holte Fred seine Gitarre hervor und gab den einen oder anderen Song zum Besten.


Da ließ sich die Klipps natürlich nicht lange betteln und holte ungebeten dieses alte DDR-Musikinstrument, dessen Name mir jetzt partout nicht einfallen will, aus der Schublade, um uns alle mit ihren betörenden Tönen den letzten Nerv zu rauben…


Manja wurde jedenfalls schon ganz rot vor Zorn…


Abschließend erdreistete sich Fräulein Klipps doch glatt noch, das Familienfoto so richtig schön zu versauen. Na ja, zwei Finger sind zwei Finger, was?


Dank Alkoholkonsum kann ich mich nur noch vage an einen ungebetenen Gast erinnern “Hi, I’m blah blah and I work in the city…”. Karo, kläre mich bitte nochmals auf…

Jun 5 2009

Ab jetzt in Düüütsch…

Da die Mehrheit der Audienz der deutschen Sprache mächtig ist, werden wir ab jetzt in Düüütsch schreiben. Ja, genau, schiess Düüütsch

Mensch, so viel passiert in dieser Woche. Wo fängt man am besten an? Vielleicht damit, dass mit Manjas Ankunft der Regenniederschlag indirekt proportional zu unserem Kontostand stieg. Und es hat sehr, seeehr viel geregnet. Die Investition gibt es bald zu beläch… bestaunen. Aber eines nach dem anderen.

Vor Manjas Ankunft wurde ein neues Appartement für gemietet, damit wir erst einmal ein bisschen Quality Time genießen können. Obwohl, inwiefern man von Quality Time sprechen kann, wenn morgens um sechs die Presslufthämmer gegenüber beginnen und die Badlüftung permanent vor sich hin röhrt, sei noch dahingestellt. Um so erstaunlicher ist es, dass wir trotzdem nicht vor dem Mittag aufstehen. Ich penne selbstverständlich nur aus Solidarität zu Manjas Jet Lag so lange.

Warum dachten wir eigentlich, dass der Stress aufhört, wenn wir Europa verlassen haben? Haben sie bitte Spaß daran, unseren heutigen Tag grafisch nachzuverfolgen:


War sonst noch was? Ach ja! Endlich habe ich wieder jemanden, dem ich jede Menge astreinen Bullshit erzählen kann…

“Willkommen in Australien, Manja!”

May 27 2009

Random Thoughts of Astonishment – Pt. 1…

All right, I get it, it’s Down Under and everything is supposed to be different, but some things amaze the hell out of me…

Todays topic: Coins

Take a look at the picture below and tell me what’s wrong:


The solution: Every pile is exactly worth the same amount of money. From left to right one 2 AUD coin, two 1 AUD coins & four 0,50 AUD coins. The amount is getting smaller and the diameter is getting bigger. So you can choose between one coin which weights close to nothing or a bag full of coins which weights close to a ton or so…

But it makes sense if you really think about it: Let’s say you want to throw money at idiots. The fifty cent pieces hurt more and you don’t lose too much dough…

May 26 2009

Gone surfing…

It’s a wide known fact that I’m the best cook in the world…

Anyway, I still managed to cook some pasta with tuna and sour cream today. But everytime I prepare food there is this Oasis song in the back of my mind:

“Made a meal and threw it up on Sunday
I’ve gotta lot of things to learn”

All right, what I really wanted to write: Finally, I’ve managed to go surfing at Manly Beach yesterday! Yeah! Stood on the board for whole five seconds there. Must have been the biggest board on the beach and I could swear some kids were giggling in the back, but hey:

“No pain, no gain!”


Also I got a pretty good shot of Mr. I’m-sitting-right-above-your-freakin’-head-and-you-don’t-even-know-it!


May 24 2009


Since nobody owns a TV around here and I can’t watch F1 right now I can as well post some pictures from today.

Karo, Chris and I went to Manly Beach and while they were fooling around with the volley ball I was trying some different camera angles.


Yet another one:

karo-chris-manlyAnd Mr. “I’m smiling my ass off…”


Since everybody seems to be afraid that I’m too stupid for the grill, I had some time to play with the possums while the others where preparing the BBQ. Cute little critters I have to admit. One can actually caress them if they’re in the mood for it.


May 21 2009

Story of Creo or how I learned that I can run pretty fast…

Oh boy, I gotta write this one down before it slips my mind. It’s a rather long one:

So it was a cold and windy day at Manly Beach, overclouded and all. Winds from different directions would make surfing close to impossible today. Taking the ferry to downtown Sydney seemed like a good choice. So I sat down in front of the boat and enjoyed the rough weather. Shaking ferry and a cool breeze in my hair. That’s more like it…

At some point there was this guy coming and sitting right next to me. The kind of construction worker with leather skin and a full beard one would think. He was a nice guy though. After I reminded him not to spill any beer he would offer me a drink as well. Actually one beer followed the other which got me in the mood for talking. Turned out, Creo was his name and he was born over here.

“You’re working there in Manly?”

“Errr, no mate. I’m not working at the moment. Work kind of sucks away all your time and inspiration, you know?”

Sure, I knew what he was talking ’bout. But his stories got kind of more and more interesting over time. Apparently he was 40 and had this Indian wife and two kids. And, my favourite part, he had this property…

“You know, I own this property. Probably worth like 1,4mio bucks. 1,5-1,6 maybe. I don’t care too much about the price though.”

“How come?”

“I just moved in there and made myself at home. I don’t know who it belongs to. The owner might even show up one day.”

All right, just so that I understand: He would own a million dollar property? That almost killed me.

“Actually I’m owning another house. I pretty wealthy. Life’s good, man…”

Yeah, right! I would feel kind of sorry for him. He probably told this story so often that he himself believed it. Well anyway, since I didn’t have any plans and all I decided to walk along with him for a while. First we bought yet another beer, of course. So every lady that passed us by was friendly greeted with:

“Hey, you two girls, you’re up for a party tonight?”


“Hey sweetheart, how’re you? Wanna join us?”

The girls didn’t really appreciate it too much though. But I couldn’t help but keep laughing all the time…

We just arrived at The Rocks and it would start raining when things got kind of dodgy. First he asked me how much money I would have and afterwards where I would live. “OK, Holm, focus, don’t tell anything!” – The beers made it hard though. I told him something about me not having any money left and just saving enough for the trip and all.

Anyhow, this was the first time I thought I really needed to get lost asap. Which was not as easy as it seemed. First of all because he had safely secured my belongings in his bag. I don’t even know why I gave it to him in the first place! Fuck those beers! Secondly he would not let me leave him and hold my arms and would insist to take me to the next pub.

There was this nice old English pub we went to and he would seriously just sit next to all kind of people and keep talking about his goddamn property and how fucking wealthy he was and that he was going to put up a fence or something for his fucking sheep while I was planning my escape from this English prison.

I figured the best chance would be the restroom. It took me all the energy and concentration that was left (did I tell you ’bout those beers?) and went to the toilet. Finally the moment would arrive when he wouldn’t look. I was going straight to the exit, not too hasty though. Close the doors behind me. And ran like fucking hell!

I guess I must have made it after all since I woke up the next morning in my beloved bed with quite a hangover. So I guess there are a thing or two we can learn from this story, too bad nothing comes to my mind right now…

May 20 2009

Cool down…

Nice surprise. All of a sudden the sky became black and it was raining cats and dogs. Crazy! Forecast says it’ll probably stay like this for a couple of days. Good thing I don’t even have an umbrella. Karo has one though, but she claims it’s too small, while I’m blaming it on my broad shoulders…

So I can focus on going to museums and stuff. Errr…


May 19 2009

House of sophisticated Living…

For the time being I have my own room over here, since one of the Frenchies went on vacation. “So, how are you living?” – you might ask. Well, I feel like a student again, because I’m sleeping in a shared house once more…

So these are the six parties living here at the moment:

  • Karo – the beloved sister in law from below, energy bundle and busy bee,
  • Kevin – French guy, works as a bartender and knows how to cook (which I find very intriguing),
  • Andres – Colombian drug lord (just kiddin’), manages some sort of something,
  • Fred Uno – French Canadian fellow, still pretty young, plays the guitar like a pro,
  • Fred Dos – another Frenchy, works as graphic designer, performs Capoeira, pretty eclectic,
  • Romain – guess what, French as well, mostly interested in women.

Except French talking (where I don’t understand a word, except “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?”, of course) there’s a lot of music in this house and I would think that a specific Mr. Hähnel would like this:


Also I chose to rename the “House of Happiness” to the “House of sophisticated Living”. Care for an example? A couple of days/weeks/month ago the toilet flush must have got broken. Instead of fixing it, you have to pull the shiny hook from now on. C’mon, gimme a break…


At the moment I’m really only doing things I always wanted to do but never really had the time or inspiration lately. I can’t even remember when I was going to figure drawing classes for the last time. Although a little nervous I went to this lovely “Arthouse Hotel” yesterday to draw again. Gosh, that felt fucking amazing!


May 17 2009

My little friend Mr. Huntsman…

Here’s the girl who’s introducing me to everyone and shows me around:


Karo, I’m really thankful for your help! Although she works full time as an architect, she still finds the time to take me everywhere. I don’t even remember all the clubs and bars we went to, just that the ATM around the corner is my best friend (and Manja’s worst foe I guess).

Together with Karo’s friend Chris I’m having a really great time around here. Yesterday we were snorkeling in the afternoon, afterwards we went to a BBQ at the lake-side and in the evening it was bar night once more. Since Chris and Karo kind of know everyone around, it’s really easy to meet people right now. New faces and new stories every day.

Oh, and you gotta love this one. So we went to this club at the Manly Wharf and having a drink, when all of a sudden a girl comes running in our direction turning her head anxiously. So some guys got up at the table and we thought there would be a fight going on or something. But, guess what, there was a huuuge huntsman spider crawling at the window! You’d never guess how they would get rid of it! They didn’t kill it or anything, no! They made it fall down and take it out with their bare fucking hands! You gotta be freakin’ kiddin’ me…


May 14 2009

Ahhh, how sweeeeeet of you guys!!!

Today Manja surprised me with a handmade farewell picture from our mates in Zürich. I like the small details, especially the 6-legged crab on my shirt which is supposed to be an 8-legged spider. Or the fact that Manja and I don’t have any hands or feet left but are still smiling, sort of…

Thank you so much guys!!!


PS: Why is that damn Switzerland cow traveling 10.000 km just to drown right in front of the Australian coast?!?

BTW: When I went to the bus station tonight, I looked up and there was an black/yellow spider hanging some 30 cm away or so above me. What’s their fucking problem? Why can’t they just leave me alone?!?